Volunteering at Salem WEST

Volunteering at Salem Outreach provides a range of opportunities for community members to make a positive impact. Here are some ways you can get involved:

  • Order Assembly and Sorting: Volunteers help put orders together for delivery. This involves sorting donations, organizing clothing, testing appliances, and assembling sets of dishes, silverware, and sheets.
  • Delivery Volunteers: These dedicated individuals venture out into the community on a weekly basis. Their mission is to deliver furniture and other household goods to families and individuals in need.
If you’re interested in contributing your time and energy to support Salem Outreach’s mission, consider joining our volunteer team!

Volunteering at The Mustard Seed

Not all donated items are suitable for direct use by clients. However, the abundance of these items serves a valuable purpose: supporting the ministry through the Thrift Store.

Here’s how volunteers contribute to this process:

  • Setting Up Displays and Decorating: Volunteers create appealing displays within the thrift store. By arranging items attractively, they encourage customers to explore and find treasures.
  • Cashier Assistance: At the checkout counter, volunteers serve as cashiers. They handle transactions efficiently, ensuring a smooth shopping experience for patrons.
  • Customer Assistance: Volunteers assist customers during store hours. Whether answering questions, helping locate specific items, or providing friendly service, their presence enhances the thrift store’s welcoming atmosphere.

By participating in these tasks, volunteers not only contribute to the thrift store’s success but also play a vital role in supporting Salem Outreach’s broader mission. 


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