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The Mustard Seed Thrift and Gifts of Deerwood

The Mustard Seed is open Thursday through Saturday from 9AM until 4PM.

Making Donations

Items sold at The Mustard Seed are all received as donations through Salem WEST. The first priority of Salem’s Social Ministry is to serve our community through Salem WEST. Items that do not fit the scope of Salem WEST or are in excess are then sent over to The Mustard Seed.

Donations that are needed at The Mustard Seed include:
Decorator items
Antiquesmustard pic1
Quality furniture
Holiday items
Designer clothes
Handmade items
Dishes and glassware
Kitchen items
Small appliances
Books, music CDs, DVD movies (appropriate venues please)

*Please note that all donations for The Mustard Seed are received at Salem WEST. Donations are not received at The Mustard Seed. Please call Salem WEST or The Mustard Seed with any questions or to arrange to drop off items. Thank you for your support, without it, we could not operate.

The question was, how does Salem’s Social Ministry keep pace with the requests for services? A question that the Social Ministry Governing Board and various committees needed to answer, because the once small outreach program of Salem had grown out of control! The ministry needed to become self-sustaining. Along with the strong support from the congregation, numerous foundation grants, fundraisers and donations, a steady source of income was needed.  
The second question that was being kicked around was what to do with all the donations that were not needed to provide support to the families we serve. There were many items that we turned away had to find “homes” for, as our storage space was limited.  11235300_938402206196928_8776194850761953620_oA group met in May of 2009 to ponder these questions. The solution, open a thrift store. Surrounded with much prayer and 3 dedicated volunteers, to be named the “Mustard Seed Three,” stepped up to the plate. An empty storefront in Deerwood in a perfect location was available. With a location, items to sell, and willing volunteers, it was decided to move forward with the plans to open a store.  
The church council approved the rental of the building and the creation of the new outreach ministry. They council stipulated that ALL revenues be used for social ministry outreach, no monies to be used for the operation of the church.  
Only done with God as our guide, The Mustard Seed Thrift and Gifts of Deerwood opened two short months later! Volunteers cleaned, painted, remodeled, hung shelves and organized. On July 2, 2009 the grand opening was celebrated with huge success. Almost two years later The Mustard Seed continues to amaze us with its success. With over 100 volunteers from Salem, other congregations and the community, the store is a place of joy and excitement. The gifted, talented volunteers have given The Mustard Seed the flare of a fine gift shop, with thrift store pricing.

On January 3, 2011, The Mustard Seed’s first paid staff joined the Salem Social Ministry team. Thanks to the dedication of The Mustard Seed Three, 1,000’s of volunteer hours and prayer warriors, the store has generated funds that enable Salem WEST and Social Ministry to serve more families and individuals in need each year.

Every day is an experience as you never know what you will see on the shelves, thanks to all the wonderful donations that are given. 11149531_938402152863600_9063638330815866362_oSpecial events throughout the year have kept the store fresh and exciting; from Taste of Christmas, Blue Jean Extravaganza, and Deerwood Summerfest. New ideas are generated every week.

The Mustard Seed continues to grow.  On May 1, 2011, Salem Lutheran Church purchased the Mustard Seed Building.  This purchase is a next step in our journey to self-sustainability.  The purchase not only generates rental income to off-set the purchase, but it also enables the store to expand its retail, office and storage areas.  Volunteers have already dug into the remodeling of the building.  The first and most needed projects have been to expand our sorting and storage areas.  We will keep you updated on progress as we move forward!  Be sure to stop by often and see the changes as they happen….and get a good deal on quality items at the same time.